Are you a hands-on parent who enjoys learning alongside your child? Do you want to create a nurturing home environment for your child to blossom musically? If so, the Suzuki Method may be for you!

EVERY CHILD CAN LEARN A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT!  Dr. Suzuki believed that a child isn't simply born with or without talent.  Talent can be nurtured and developed in every child.

Musical study in the Suzuki method is based on the mother-tongue approach.  Just like a baby learns to speak a language easily by listening and imitating parents and caregivers, the Suzuki student initially learns to play the piano by listening to recordings and imitating the teacher.

The parent, teacher and child work together in the "Suzuki Triangle." During the lesson, the teacher instructs the child, while the parent takes notes assist with home practice..  This unique partnership between parent and teacher is what sets the Suzuki Method apart.

At Toccata Music Studios, our Suzuki students and parents have a strong bond that comes from shared repertoire and experience.  Our students LOVE making music and learning together—in individual lessons, monthly group classes, and Twinkle graduation parties!